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Tutorial: GKMinMaxStrategizer TicTacToe game in Swift

- explain how to use the GKMinMaxStrategizer protocols in Swift 2.0
- implement a TicTacToe game AI
- make the game playable with computer opponent (random player)
- explain that thing about how the algorithm complexity grows exponentially and how that can quickly kill performance in any game more complex than TicTacToe and what to do about it

- maybe: visualize how the computer player is strategizing (thinking)
- maybe: implement alpha-beta pruning (doesn't make much sense in TicTacToe but would illustrate the idea to cut down on processing time)

Estimation: 4 days

Steffen Itterheim , 25.06.2015, 10:09
Idea status: completed


sitterheim, 03.07.2015, 18:57
Here's the promised GKMinmaxStrategist tutorial with source code in Swift:

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