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TK: GameplayKit pathfinding integration

It should be easy to use GameplayKit pathfinding (GKGraph) with TilemapKit. For this the following features are needed:

- convert orthogonal tilemaps into GKGridGraph
-- remove blocked GIDs - this could be either a list of blocked GIDs or "blocked" properties on tileset tiles or non-free tiles on a "blocking information" tile layer
- convert iso/hex tilemaps into GKObstacleGraph
-- all blocked tiles are converted into GKPolygonObstacle objects (rhombus or hexagons)
-- blocking info obtained the same ways as above
- simple pathfinding demo (tap to calculate path to destination, object follows path)

Estimation: 3-5 days

Steffen Itterheim , 25.06.2015, 17:39
Response from the site administrator
sitterheim, 15.07.2015
Task complete
Idea status: completed


sitterheim, 02.07.2015, 20:04
Started preparations. Actual work to commence tomorrow. Will certainly benefit from having built the GKMinmaxStrategist sandbox app, I could use some kind of sandbox for pathfinding too.
sitterheim, 15.07.2015, 15:36
This task adds the following to TilemapKit:

Ways to get tile GIDs from tile properties:

Creating grid graph from tiles vs empty tiles:

Creating grid graph from walkable & blocked tile lists:

Creating grid graph from tile costs dictionary:

Creating obstacle graphs from tiled objects:

Debug drawing of a graph on the tilemap:

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