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TK: Be able to write TMX files (for: savegames, editor)

A TMX writer would save a TKMap class into TMX format using base64 encoding and optional compression (gzip, zlib).

The resulting TMX file should be 100% compatible with Tiled.

Any runtime modifications to the TKMap class and its constituents (tileset, layers, objects, etc) would be preserved. This would make saving TMX files mainly useful for savegames, writing editors and writing (random) map generators.

Estimation: 3 days

Steffen Itterheim , 25.06.2015, 17:46
Response from the site administrator
sitterheim, 19.07.2015
TMX files can now be written with TKMapWriter.

The format is exactly the same as in Tiled, including order of elements/properties and formatting of values is preserved. That's important for source control users.
Idea status: completed


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