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TK: convert Objects, Tiles into CGPath (for Physics, Shapes)

Tiled Objects (polygons, polylines, etc) and any tile (rect, rhombus, hexagon) and any tile collision info (an object layer on individual tiles) should be convertible to CGPath.

This CGPath object could then be fed into SKPhysicsBody to create physics objects, but could also be used for SKShapeNode for debug drawing of Tiled objects (ie trigger areas) at runtime.

Estimation: 1-2 days

sitterheim, 25.06.2015, 18:14
Idea status: completed


sitterheim, 09.07.2015, 18:03
Will be in v0.8. Works like this:

TKObject* someObject = ...
CGPathRef path = someObject.path;

Works for all shape types: polyline, polygon, rectangle and tile, ellipse.


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