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GameplayKit Sandbox / Editor

A OS X tool that you can use to experiment with GameplayKit features. Perhaps even using it as a visual editor for certain tasks.

What could be in it? (just a brain dump)

- Strategist sandbox (plug in your own strategist protocol classes and exercise them in the sandbox app which will ease testing and debugging)
- Agent sandbox (add/remove agents and edit their behavior priorities and goals, draw paths to follow)
- Pathfinding sandbox (create and edit nodes, create agents, have them follow paths - could be combined with the agent sandbox)
- Statemachine editor (design the layout of a statemachine's states, specify transitions between states by using condition/action selectors, open state class in Xcode, etc)
- Rulesystems editor (similar to statemachine editor, perhaps a special version of a statemachine whose state transitions are determined by the rule system's rules)

Probably less suited for a sandbox / editor:
- Entities and Components
- Randomization

sitterheim, 02.07.2015, 20:11
Idea status: under consideration


dylanrw, 02.07.2015, 20:43
Does the SpriteKit scene editor support designables now?
sitterheim, 02.07.2015, 20:55
Designables? You mean quicklook?
dylanrw, 02.07.2015, 20:58
https://github.com/WeHeartSwift/IBDesignable-Demo, was making me wonder how extensible the spritekit scene editor could be.
sitterheim, 03.07.2015, 09:52
Interesting. But seems a bit limited for editors in that you can only draw the view while all settings appear only in the properties pane, so there aren't any drag/stretch/rotate handles or other functionality like "click anywhere to add a point".
dylanrw, 03.07.2015, 16:59
Yeah you'd have to use nodes I think for that. But I think they can be dynamically drawn as you manipulate them with a custom class. Not sure though. It's currently pretty crippled in 6.x

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