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Starterkit: Sneak Game w/ Line of Sight & Shadows

A sneaking game where player must traverse a labyrinth without being seen by enemies. The enemies draw a line of sight cone in which they will detect the player, then shoot and follow the player. If they are alert but can not see the player, they will search the area where they've seen the player last, and ultimately give up and return to their preset paths.

Light sources cast hard shadows along geometry. The player could also be carrying a light source with him. The implementation uses GameplayKit for pathfinding and obstacle detection, with additional code that performs polygon tesselation and polygon hit detection.

The game objective is to reach one or multiple locations in the level, the last one being the "exit". Whatever you make of the objective is up to you (assassinating a person or stealing precious antiques).

The main features of this starterkit are basic autonomous AI with pathfinding, and the light source / shadow casting shapes.

sitterheim, 09.07.2015, 15:18
Idea status: under consideration


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