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TK: Support for light-enabled (normal-mapped) tilesets

See Sprite Illuminator tool for examples of light-enabled sprites: https://www.codeandweb.com/spriteilluminator

First task is to test if there's any reason why this wouldn't work.

- If it doesn't work: fix it.
- If it doesn't work automatically, provide API to make working with normal-mapped tilesets easier.
- And possibly other improvements that make sense and are easy to add, for instance placing light sources in Tiled. These tasks need to be determined.

Estimation: 2-4 days, depending on extra tasks.

sitterheim, 15.07.2015, 20:44
Response from the site administrator
sitterheim, 28.08.2015
Normal map support is working for:

- Cocos2D: "collection of images" tilesets with normal and tileset images in the same texture atlas
- SpriteKit: "collection of images" tilesets without texture atlas (not recommended)

Due to a severe bug in SpriteKit (normal textures do not work if they are in a SKTextureAtlas) I put this task on hold. It's useful and working for Cocos2D users who create their own texture atlases. SpriteKit users will likely see a huge performance penalty due to the texture atlas bug.

See here for more info:

I'll be happy to work with Cocos2D devs to improve on the current lighting/normal support if there is any need.
Idea status: under consideration


sitterheim, 19.07.2015, 15:51
I determined that this needs additional support:

- a normal map suffix must be specified by user
- tilesets should try to load normal map textures based on the suffix
- when getting a tile's texture it should also return and assign the corresponding normal map texture (frame within the tileset & normal map textures)

New estimate: 2 days.

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