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Sell a low-cost binary framework (no source code)

Is TilemapKit source code too costly for you? If so, please vote on this idea!

Binary frameworks with precompiled code could be offered for a lower cost. The price range would be $20-$35.

=== Possibly Omitted Features ===

There are several things that could be omitted in the binary frameworks to keep the source code versions more enticing.

- Framework could support only specific map types - ie 3 editions available, each only supports either Ortho, Iso, or Hex maps - you would purchase only one map type, or pay double and get all 3 map types.
- Framework could be built in Debug configuration - ie compiler optimized code would be limited to source code editions (performance would roughly be 1-15% less)
- Framework could exclude the GameplayKit features (graph creation)

If you have a strong preference or additional suggestions, please leave a comment, thank you!

--- Notes ---

- Any binary framework for Cocos2D would have a specific version of the cocos2d source code already built into it. Meaning: you would not be able to modify or debug Cocos2D code when using TilemapKit.framework.
- This task does *not* include / extend to a Cocos2D-X binary framework.

=== Vote Goal ===

Once this task reaches 100 votes the binary builds will be released within 2 weeks.

Share the link to speed things up! ;)

sitterheim, 04.09.2015, 09:59
Idea status: under consideration


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