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TK: be able to create custom nodes for objects on object layers

Currently TK creates shape nodes for each object. It would be useful to have a callback selector or block that runs for every object on every object layer when the map loads. -(TKNode*) nodeForObject:(TKObject*)object...
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sitterheim, 22.08.2015
Done. There's now a delegate object you can assign to TKMapNode. It will call a callback selector for every object that allows you to return a custom node. Return nil to skip creating a node for that object (you can still use the object's data for other means).

See this link:
sitterheim, 24.07.2015, 11:07
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TK: Individual tileOverlap per Layer

When using a special layer with only black, half transparent tiles (e.g. to darken specific tiles with a fog of war), using the TKMap.tileOverlap = 0.25 setting re-introduces the dreaded black lines, since on the junctions in between the tiles the...
Jegge, 31.07.2015, 13:18
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TK: TextureAtlas support for Image Collection Tilesets

Currently "Collection of Images" Tilesets are already supported, but only using individual images. However it's possible to use image collections and then pack them in an atlas, effectively indexing tile images by name rather than GID and...
Response from the site administrator
sitterheim, 22.08.2015

Supports Xcode .atlas for SpriteKit. Will even automatically create an atlas at runtime if one doesn't exist for a "collection of images" tileset.

For Cocos2D, TexturePacker .plist atlases (and compatible, ie Zwoptex) are supported. If there's no atlas for a "collection of images" tileset you'll receive a warning in the log (it's a performance issue).

There's no TexturePacker support for SpriteKit though. It's probably not very common, and difficult to add. If you really need this, please request it.
sitterheim, 04.08.2015, 19:18
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TKProperties: allow default values in code

Extend the TKProperties interface in a way that allows setting the defaults in code: Existing: -(BOOL) boolForKey:(nonnull NSString*)key; // defaults to NO Wishlist: -(BOOL) boolForKey:(nonnull NSString*)key withDefaultValue:(BOOL) value;
Response from the site administrator
sitterheim, 27.08.2015
Easy peasy. :)
Jegge, 27.08.2015, 10:33
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